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Sunday, 17 July 2011 00:00

This module will allow you to show the latest tweets for your Twitter Account.

Very simple, very easy, yet very effective.

This module has the following parameters:


  • Module Class suffix, to style your module.
  • Twitter Username, for the account that want to show its tweets.
  • Twitter Widget ID, which is the ID for the Widget that you create from your Twitter Account's settings.
  • Show Header, to show/hide the header of the widget.
  • Show Footer, to show/hide the footer of the widget.
  • Show Borders, to show/hide the borders for the widget.
  • Show Scroll Bar, to show/hide the scroll bar if visible.
  • Transparent Background, to make the background of the widget transparent (without color).
  • Link Color, to control the color for the links in the tweets. Just enter the color code without the #, like 000000 or ffffff.
  • Border Color, to control the color for the borders in the widget. Just enter the color code without the #, like 000000 or ffffff.
  • Widget Theme, To choose the widget's theme either dark or light.
  • Width, control the width of the widget.
  • Height, control the height of the widget.
  • Number of Tweets, select the number of tweets that you want to show on the widget, in case selected, the number will be fixed and will not pull new data, if you choose LIVE (Auto Pull), then it will pull new data automatically and it will show the latest several tweets automatically.

You can see the example on the footer of this page.

This module is very easy to install and configure.

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Optimized Tweets