This module will allow you to put an image in one of the four corners of your page in either a fixed way (The image will not scroll down with the page), so it will remain in the corner. Or scrollable (the image will scroll with the page).

This will be great in campaigns, live chat usage, Find us and Follow us use.

Publish the module on absolute position if available, or any suitable position.

The best configuration for the module will be as the following:

  • Show Title: No.
  • Direction: Any Direction You Want (Corner).
  • For the image path and link, if the image/link from outside your domain, make sure you put http://, otherwise, if it is from your domain, put only the sub-folder (after your domain).. example outside: ... example inside: /images/joomla_logo_black.jpg . (For best practice, we recommend to add the full image path even if it is in your domain, so it will not affect the appearance when SEF is enabled).
  • Put the exact width and height for the image to avoid any extra spaces.
  • Choose either Fixed Image (For all corners) or Scrollable Image (for top corners).

This page contain examples for this module and how to use it, you can find the following examples:

  • Twitter top-left image.
  • Feedback bottom-left image (with Top/Bottom Margin = 200px, so it appear on center).
  • Offer top-right image (with Left/Right Margin = 68px, so it appear over the header).
  • Facebook bottom-right image.

This module is very easy to install and configure.

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