This module will allow you to show the Facebook Like Box for your Page, so it will show all the people that liked your page.

Very simple, very easy, yet very effective.

This module has the following parameters:

  • Module Class suffix, to style your module.
  • Page Link, for your Facebook page.
  • Box Width / Box Height, to control the width and the height of your Like Box.
  • Color Scheme, to select whether the light color scheme or dark color scheme.
  • Show Faces, to show/hide the profile pictures for the people who liked your page.
  • Border Color, to change the border color for your like box. Just enter the color code without the #, like 000000 or ffffff.
  • Page Stream, to show/hide the page stream in the like box (page stream is the "things" that you write on your page on Facebook, so it will be shown directly on the module).
  • Like Box Header, to show/hide the header on the top of the box which contain (Find us on Facebook).. Note that you must show one or both of (Show Faces) and/or (Page Stream) in order to show the header, if both hidden, the header will not be shown.

You can see the example on the footer of this page.

This module is very easy to install and configure.