This module will allow you to show the Facebook Like Button for your Page, so it will allow people to like your URL.

Very simple, very easy, yet very effective.

This module has the following parameters:

  • Module Class suffix, to style your module.
  • Link to Like, any link you want to like.
  • Box Width, to control the width of your Like Button.
  • Color Scheme, to select whether the light color scheme or dark color scheme.
  • Show Faces, to show/hide the profile pictures for the people who liked your URL.
  • Show Send, to choose whether to show the Send button or not to send the URL to the friends.
  • The verb of the button, either (Like) or (Recommend).
  • Like Button Font style.
  • The style of the button itself.
  • The generated code type (HTML5, XFBML, or IFrame).
  • Language of the Button.

You can see the example on the footer of this page.

This module is very easy to install and configure.