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Start copying and mirroring one transaction to another Account(s) of your choice using VertexFX Account Mirroring plugin.

Using the VertexFX Account Mirroring plugin, you can add unlimited number of Mirrored accounts with their groups, and the application will keep monitoring any transaction come from the specific account(s)/group(s), and copy the Same/Opposite order type to another Account(s) in a multi-level manner.

This plugin also help you to mirror your orders from one client to another clients within the same system which will help the Money Managers to reflect their positions to all their account instantly, or with another account with another broker, so you can use VertexFX Account Mirroring plugin to cover your order with another Liquidity Provider with the same trade type or opposite type. This way, your VertexFX Account Mirroring can manage everything, without your interaction with all parties.

VertexFX Account Mirroring contains many features and functionality that helps you to automate your business and save a lot of time.

In this plugin, you will be able to:

  • Add an Account/Group to cover with one/Multiple accounts within the same company.
  • Add an Account/Group to cover with one/Multiple accounts with another VertexFX company.
  • Ability to Enable/Disable Mirroring, and manage the percentage to mirror, with the mirror direction, and to choose either to mirror the new positions, or only liquidated ones, or even both types. All can be managed per symbol per account.
  • Check the account information.
  • Ability to Enable/Disable the mirror process any time you want.
  • The application will save the last processed ticket ID to avoid duplicate calculation for any ticket, and the application is equipped with the ability to change this saved ticket ID from the options, so you can start over whenever you want.
  • The application will check the previous three days of transactions each time you login, to check for any missed ticket that is not calculated (any ticket ID larger than the last processed ticket will be calculated), so in case the application turned off for any reason, the application will check the previous ticket automatically.

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