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Arbitrage Trader PackageVertexFX Arbitrage Trader is an intelligent trader that connects to two different accounts in two different companies, and makes hedge trades at the same time when the difference between prices in the two companies makes profit for you.

With VertexFX Arbitrage Trader you can configure many parameters that save you from losing money; it just makes trades when it is profitable!

Just have two different accounts with two different companies which use VertexFX platform, and start trading using this smart trader.

There are two different versions of VertexFX Arbitrage Trader, the Standard Edition, which contain main features of the plugin by taking positions for one symbol at a time, while the Enterprise Edition give you the full features of the plugin, by monitoring unlimited number of symbols at the same time, and take trades on each symbol, as you need.

Check below some of the "Real" success stories for the plugin! You will find two statements one for each account of the plugin:

  Company 1 Statement Company 2 Statement
Success Story 1: Account Statement Acc# 1502 Account Statement Acc# 510531
Success Story 2: Account Statement Acc# 1503 Account Statement Acc# 745001

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