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VertexFX-to-FIX Bridging

Do you Love VertexFX Platform and can't work with anything else? Is your preferred Liquidity Provider (LP) still didn't have VertexFX Platform, but support FIX-protocol? Then we have the solution for you.

Optimized Sense Ltd is pleased to announce the release of VertexFX-to-FIX LP Bridge, using VertexFX Bridge Liquidity Provider (LP) API that was released by Hybrid Solutions.

Our bridging solution will contains the Dynamic Link Library (DLL) file that allows you to cover your VertexFX Positions to any FIX-Support company using the state-of-the-art VertexFX Bridge, plus, a currency server application that will feed your VertexFX system from your Liquidity Provider's FIX system.

We have developed DLLs using VertexFX Bridge LP API which works as a real time transaction with high performance, you will be able to import this DLL using VertexFX Bridge to cover VertexFX system with one of your choice FIX-Support companies. Also you will be able to connect your VertexFX system to its FIX’s price, and broadcast FIX prices to your VertexFX users.

VertexFX-to-FIX Bridge capabilities:

  • You will be able to cover all your accounts or specific Group/Office depends on your business structure.
  • Real-Time covering option.
  • Real-Time broadcasted prices.
  • Ability for account mapping between VertexFX Bridge and FIX-Support company.
  • Ability for symbols mapping even if you are trading with the Lots amount, and cover it to the FIX-Support company as Margin.
  • Ability for monitoring VertexFX Bridge performance and result, also its connection status.
To request bridging from your VertexFX system to any FIX-Support company, please contact our Sales Department by Clicking Here.

The below diagram will explain to you the VertexFX-to-FIX Bridging Solution connection structure:

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