Version 1.0.0

Initial version release, contains the following features:


  • Loading all accounts summaries that belongs to the logged in dealer tree privilege, and putting it in a list.
  • When any account's margin level reaches below the Low Level alert or Critical Level alert, this account will be copied to the Margin Call Accounts list, where this list contains all the accounts that below the Low/Critical level.
  • Coloring the Low Level row with different color than the Critical Level row.
  • Playing sound when any account added to the Margin Level Accounts list. Different sound for Low and Critical Level accounts.
  • Ability to sort the each columns Ascending or Descending, also the ability to move the columns and change their positions.
  • If the system was minimized, and an account was added to the Margin Call list (Low or Critical Level), a balloon will popup from the system's tray icon to warn you that there is an account added to the list.
  • If you want to show the alerted accounts information, you can only double click on the desired account, and a popup form will appear that will show all the account's information, such as Name, Phone, Mobile, Country, Email, ...etc, which will help you to warn him as soon as possible.
  • Ability to set the entire system on Mute mode, so no sounds will be played when connecting, disconnecting, and accounts added to the list (Low and Critical level).
  • Ability to repeat the sound for Low Level account adding or Critical Level account adding, so the sound will be played repeatedly until you stop the current playing sound.
  • Ability to Show / Hide the All Account list or Margin Call list to increase the view for one list instead of two lists.
  • Ability to change all system's options, including:
    • Refresh Time in seconds (from 30-300 seconds).
    • Low Level alert percentage.
    • Critical Level alert percentage.
    • Show / Hide balloon notification from system's tray icon when the system is minimized and an account added to Margin Call list.
    • Low Level row color in list.
    • Critical Level row color in list.
    • Odd and Even row colors for the All Accounts list to increase the clearance of the list viewing.
    • Connect  and Disconnect sounds.
    • Low Level sound, and the ability to repeat the low level sound.
    • Critical Level sound, and the ability to repeat the critical level sound.

Version 1.0.1


  • Handling the new version to be installed automatically without going to the link manually.
  • Moving the account from All Accounts list to the Margin Call list, and not copying it, which will let you focus on what's going next and who is near the Margin Call alert.
  • Sorting the lists according to Margin Level ascending by default, so you will see who is near the alert, and who is more in danger.
  • Separating the account column into (Account column and Name column) instead of one column that contains Account and Name, so you can sort the list according to the Account number as a numbers not text.

Solved Bugs:

  • Fixed some calculations.

Version 1.0.2

Solved Bugs:

  • Fixed the error when new account added to the VertexFX Terminal while the VertexFX Margin Call is running.

Version 1.1.0


  • Any newly added accounts to the Margin Call list will have different fore color (different font color) which can be changed from the Options.
  • Format numbers with comma in thousands digits.
  • The system will alert again when an account moved from low to critical level.
  • If an account go below Critical Margin Level, it will send an email to the client with his summary information, and this option can be Enabled/Disabled from the Options.
  • If an account go below Critical Margin Level, it will send an Alert SMS to the client with his summary information, and this option can be Enabled/Disabled from the Options. (Note that you have to be subscribed in the SMS gateway from Hybrid Solutions).
  • Two new columns were added to the Margin Call list, Email Status and SMS Status, which will confirm sending the Email/SMS respectively. And these columns will be hidden if the Email/SMS alerting was disabled from the Options.

Version 1.2.0

Features and Enhancements:

  • Added "Total" line for the All Accounts list and Margin Call list that shows the totals for each field...
  • VertexFX Margin Call is now a Multi-Document Interface, which means that each list is now in separate document which will give you the ability to resize, minimize, maximize, arrange each document separately...
  • Added "Monitor" screen on VertexFX Margin Call, which will help to calculate and monitor your total Profit/Loss LIVE and automatically, and this is a seed for a VertexFX Accounting System...
  • Added a direct link to our knowledgebase for the Windows 7/Vista connection problem in the Help menu...
  • Fixed the "Run as Administrator" need in windows 7 and Vista, so there is no need to run our system as an Administrator any more...

Version 1.2.1

Solved Bugs:

  • Fixed bug when save Options and no rows on the Margin Call list...
  • Reset Total lines after logout...

Version 1.3.0


  • Ability to Send Email/SMS to Low Level accounts...
  • Composing your own Email/SMS that will be sent to the alerted accounts (Critical or Low), with the ability to fill some tags that will be replaced with Live Data and Dynamically with their name,accounts,balance,...etc...

Solved Bugs:

  • Solved a bug when the internet disconnects while the system is running, which will prevent it from requesting the data again when the internet came back unless you turn the Application off then run it again...

Version 1.4.0


  • Show/Hide the (All Accounts) and (Monitor) screens for the dealer according to his privilege (Report - Maintenance Margin Call), so, if the dealer has this privilege, then these screens will be visible to him, otherwise, the screens will be closed and not visible to him...
  • Enhanced Setup Experience...

Version 1.4.2

Solved Bugs:

  • Used the new version of VertexFX BOAPI that solves several issues like calling the floating status always which caused an error when no privilege given to the logged in dealer.
  • Enhanced the package by including the VertexFX BOAPI files inside the package to make sure the plugin will work even if no VertexFX system installed on that PC.
  • A small bug fixed when the date format on the PC is in Arabic, which preventing the system from getting the correct Monitor data from the server.

Version 1.4.3

Solved Bugs:

  • Fixed a small bug in dates that prevents fetching the data correctly from the server for the monitor.
  • Enhanced fetching the data from the server by considering the GMT Offset for the server and the logged in dealer.

Version 1.5.0


  • Added a new option (Compute credit with the margin level calculation) to the Options screen, which will give you the option either to compute the credit (in/out) with the Margin Level calculation or not.

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